Testimonials – Professional

“Standing on The Balancer allows us to change our history of injury. Dr. Harwin’s Balancer allows us the rare and precious opportunity to return to primal balance by awakening our initial intelligence with gravity that we first experienced when learning to walk.”
— SukiMunsell, PhD, founder of Dynamic Walking, San Anselmo, CA

“The first time I stepped onto The Harwin Balancer™, I felt that I was standing on a platform floating on a lake. It was gentle, but my body reacted immediately to the spring-loaded feedback. While there are other gadgets out there, none of them have The Harwin Balancer’s™ intuitive sense of gentle self-correction and awareness.

Since then, I have used the balancer on 4-year-old children to 96-year-old adults, Olympic athletes and Parkinson’s patients, with positive to dramatic results.

My opinion is only a fool would not purchase The Harwin Balancer™ to use for neuromuscular imbalance corrections in their practice. We purchased three Harwin Balancers™ after the first demonstration and have not regretted it since!”
— Allen Ling, MPT, OCS, Executive Director, Physical Therapy Innovations, Inc. Clinics in El Cerrito, Oakland, and Orinda, CA

My mother had a stroke in her cerebellum 5 years ago and I was surprised how quickly we noticed results from her using the Harwin Balancer. Her hip pain improved immediately, and after one week of use she was able to get in and out of cars faster. After one month she was no longer afraid to walk up hills. It is very easy and gentle to use and she uses it daily.

Another friend’s husband suffered a major stroke. He has noted significant improvement in his balance after only one week of using the Harwin Balancer.

A friend of mine in the Netherland used it with their 80 year old parents and they were amazed at how simple and effective it is.

One of my employees with serious back pain improved after single use. And that was after spending a whole day in the ER without any results.

The Harwin Balancer will give an improved quality of life to those suffering from walking/balance/fall problems.

–Susan Lin, MD, San Mateo CA

“Another patient found the Harwin Balancer™ was the only exercise she could do that decreased her pain, and did not exacerbate her condition. She had been a professional ballet dancer when in her 20’s, and she said that using this device brought her back the kinesthetic feeling of awareness in her body that she had felt as a dancer, and until now, hadn’t realized she had lost.”

The Harwin Balancer ™ is the most effective solution for balance problems that I have seen in my 45 years of clinical experience… All patients reported they felt more stable when walking after using The Balancer… The majority of patients reported a significant reduction in pain after standing on The Harwin Balancer™ for just a few minutes…”

1999 National APTA Henry O. & Florence P. Kendall Practice Award for Outstanding and Enduring Contributions to the practice of Physical Therapy. 1988 California’s Royce B. Noland Award of Merit for Outstanding Physical Therapist, Assistant Clinical Professor in the Graduate Program in Physical Therapy at UCSF, In private practice since 1964.
— Peter Edgelow PT, DPT

“The Harwin Balancer™ is essential for the busy executive with a lifestyle that includes many hours of travel and meetings…

Using The Harwin Balancer™ has allowed me to live a normal life, even though I have a severely degenerated disc.

Ten minutes’ use in the morning and again in the evening has made a huge difference in my life, allowing me to live a normal life without having to take pain medication.”
— JoAline Olson, Past President and CEO, St. Helena Hospital (12 years)
Currently VP of Innovations Adventist Health, operating health care facilities throughout
California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.

“When I stand on The Harwin Balancer™ for several minutes, all of a sudden I realize that I’m standing up with perfect posture without even trying. My chest lifts, my hips and feet engage, and it just feels right.”
— Brandy Brune, MSPT, ATC Senior PT, Kaiser Redwood City Medical Center