Personal Testimonials

“I call it the Miracle Machine.I am a 70-year-old man who has difficulty walking and keeping my balance because of a genetic condition called Scleroderma. One day I walked into St. Helena Hospital dragging my right foot as if I had just had a stroke. This was the first time I had used The Harwin Balancer™ and I had to grip the rails because my balance was so bad. Within 3 minutes it became easy for me to balance and I could relax my grip. After 10 minutes I stepped off the Balancer and to the amazement of everyone, my walk had become normal.”

— Bill Agee, St. Helena, CA

“I am enjoying taking walks for the first time in years. I am 62 years old, and I have fallen at least 10 times in the last 4 years. Now that I am using The Harwin Balancer, I feel less dizzy and more stable.”
— Sue Calhoun, Moraga, CA

“Thank you for showing me that I can get better and I don’t have to live in pain the rest of my life.
Your balancer is such a tremendous tool that it should be available to everyone. It’s like your whole body is waking up from a deep sleep.
— Janice Brandli, Disabled Thoracic Outlet Patient, Pismo Beach, CA

“After standing on The Harwin Balancer™ for a few minutes I had less pain in my neck, back, and knees. Having made a long recovery from spinal surgery after a serious car accident, I can tell you that I am delighted with my results from using Dr. Harwin’s invention.”

— Iris Maitland, BSRN, PHN Santa Rosa, CA,
Charge Nurse for major California hospital HMO network

“I am moving, walking, and living with much more confidence. I cannot thank you enough. My surgeons are very pleased with my progress and report that my recovery is ahead of schedule.I had a motorcycle accident February 2010, in which I suffered a compound fracture in my tibia/fibula, a right collapsed lung and a displaced right clavicle. After three weeks and four surgeries I was released from the hospital in a wheelchair. I was not able to walk for two months.

I began to walk again with crutches and then with a cane. My walk was rigid. I had difficulty with side-to-side movements. I felt unstable and weak. At the end of June 2010 I began sessions with Bernard Langan, HSE, and we used The Harwin Balancer™ in conjunction with these sessions.

In late July Bernard introduced me to Dr. Harwin. I had a Balancer session last Friday with Dr. Harwin. All of this has been an amazing experience. I feel confident to move in ways that I have not been able to before. My balance is more stable. I am feeling parts of my body that I am usually not aware of. The Harwin Balancer™ sessions have helped me to discover how I can use my breath to move in a new way that allows my body to feel more connected. I feel better on all levels.”
— David Fogle, San Francisco, CA

“My body immediately felt more balanced, and my walk became stronger. I felt my calf muscle wake up for the 1st time in ten years since it’s nerve was damaged in surgery. ”
— David Newlin, Corte Madera, CA

“The Harwin Balancer will put a smile on your face!”
— Bill Muranishi, Berkeley, CA