Harwin Balancer Clinic Model



Users have reported:

Improvement during their first session

Improved walking confidence and coordination

Pain reduction from the decompression of injured discs, nerve and joints

Improvement from headache and pain of the lower and upper back, legs, shoulder, arm and neck pain

Increased results with regular use

Widely used in Rehabilitation Clinics and Private Homes

Suggested Use: 10 minutes 2/day

Handrails for security while standing on The balancer, as well as stepping on and off

The Handrails can also be used for advanced Balancer exercises

Wheels for easy movement to different locations

A combination of 10 large and small springs

Double standing platform

Provides vertical, horizontal, lateral and rotational motion

Dimensions: Base; 5”/19”/11”

Assembled with rails; 43.5” from the floor

Weight 44lbs

Price: $1695.00

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Warranty Information
Free shipping in the continental USA

If you are interested in the Harwin Balancer please write to Ron Harwin through the Contact Page of this website.



The Harwin Balancer Plus


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